Benefits, disadvantages and method of preparation of Amla juice
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Amla Juice Benefits And Side Effects In Hindi | Amla Juice Ke Fayde Aur Nuksan | Amla can be interpreted by using Maharishi Chavan. Maharishi’s formative years was once admirable after consuming Amla. Vitamin c existing in amla is viewed to be better for many sorts of problems. Consuming amla in any way will provide you many health benefits.

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If you take amla juice rather of other gooseberry products, it will be more beneficial. There is no tampering with the gooseberry whilst making the juice. Because of which there is no change in the vitamins existing in it.

So let’s recognize how to make gooseberry juice. Also, we will also recognize what are the advantages of consuming amla and what precautions should be taken while drinking it.

How to make Amla juice
To make Amla juice, you will need some ingredients which are like this:

  • Amla (1000 grams)
  • One leg sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • Sodium lactate

Method of making Amla juice:

  • Wash the amla thoroughly.
  • Now grind it and separate its seeds.
  • Now crush its pulp well.
  • Add water to it and make a first-class paste of it.
  • Sieve this paste well.
  • Sieve and combine the water in the toddler sitta as wanted and combine it in the paste.
  • Put this paste in a vessel and add sugar and black pepper to the paste.
  • Boil the juice nicely for 8-10 minutes.
  • Now combine the lactate sodium in the juice and keep the juice in the bottle.
  • Your juice is ready, now you can use it.

If you are making gooseberry juice for medicine, then make it like this -

  • Wash the amla thoroughly.
  • Grind the washed amla and extract its seeds and make a paste of goose.
  • Now sieve the paste. Now add water and make juice.
  • Add salt in accordance to taste and drink juice day by day morning and evening.
  • Amla juice has these benefits
  • For the disease of the eyes – Amla juice increases the power of seeing. Amla can be beneficial in cataract, night blindness, and many eye diseases.

Digestion cures – Amla is succesful of assuaging digestive disorders. Amla-made meals digests meals quickly, without it additionally removes the hassle of constipation. The problem of fuel is eliminated from the root through consuming amla daily.

Increases metabolism – It is very appropriate for us to have greater metabolism. It continues the physique away from all disorders. Amla increases metabolism which helps us get rid of many diseases.

Prevents infections – Many kinds of infections in the physique have an effect on our pores and skin and many inner organs. By eating Amla juice, the impurities current in the blood can be removed. Due to clearing the grime in the blood, you can remain away from many sorts of infections. It prevents pimples etc. taking place in your face.

Relieves from diabetes – A type of issue is present in amla which protects the physique from diabetes. The chromium salt issue located in amla keeps insulin stages in the body and corrects insulin if it is no longer flowing properly. For this, you can drink Amla juice each morning.

Pain at some point of menstruation – If women drink Amla juice regularly, unbearable pain at some stage in durations can be overcome. The element known as chromium is very wonderful in relieving stomach pain. To make it extra effective, you ought to add black salt to it.

Internal diseases of guys – Secret problems in guys like lack of sperm in semen etc. can be overcome with the help of Amla juice. Amla juice can without problems improve fertility in both men and women.

Stimulates the idea – Drinking Amla juice can relieve stress. The brain features well due to its release from stress. This is the purpose that by way of drinking Amla juice, many defects in the thought such as forgetting etc. can be removed.

Piles – People struggling from the serious problems of piles can avoid piles with the aid of the usage of Amla juice regularly. Mabad, etc. coming from the anus can be corrected by way of consuming Amla juice. To get the gain of this well, you add a pinch of ground and roasted black cumin seeds. Piles can be cured by taking this mixture.

Loses weight – Amla consists of many substances whose response in the body reduces weight. For this, drink half of a glass of Amla juice daily. You will see the difference with the use of one month. You can limit your weight by way of about 3 kg in a month.

Some precautions whilst ingesting juice:

  • A character suffering from phlegm hassle not take Amla juice.
  • Do now not devour Amla juice all through winter.
  • Do not devour it during a sore throat.
  • During pregnancy, you have to contact your physician as soon as earlier than consuming it.
  • Excessive consumption of this can reason a hassle of the hyperacid tree.
  • Contact the physician once for its normal dose.


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