an example for millions

While the trend of English is increasing in India, there are some people who want to learn Hindi. In today’s time it is quite true that if you know good English then you have to face less difficulties in getting a job or livelihood. That’s why coaching centers that teach English are available everywhere. On the other side there are teachers who run Hindi speaking coaching centers who teach Hindi to foreign people, along with these teachers have helped many people of Bollywood and Hollywood. Hindi is taught, so people are also called celebrity Hindi teachers.

Pallavi Singh, who hails from Delhi, has become a different name in the Hindi world. Pallavi did her MA in Psychology after engineering. And about 5 years ago he chose to teach Hindi as a profession. Pallavi is also known for teaching Hindi in her own way. She says that she can teach anyone to speak Hindi in a few hours.

Pallavi teaches her students Hindi in the mall, in the park or even in the café, and gives them Hindi comics to read, such as Chacha Chaudhary, Chapank, Pinky, etc. because they use very simple words. They believe that Indian culture is seen in these comics and if you do not understand anything by reading, then by seeing the picture you can understand, which makes it easy to understand what the characters are saying.

Pallavi started it as a hobby in the year 2011 and gradually her students grew. People who started visiting Hindi or business in India started teaching Hindi because they were not in business but they needed to know Hindi to shop in the market. Pallavi has so far taught Hindi to hundreds of foreigners and celebrities such as William Dalrymple, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandes, Lisa Ray, Natalia Di Lucio, and Lucinda Nicholas, etc.

Pallavi says that her journey was very difficult. After doing first engineering and then psychology, his family did not want him to work like teaching Hindi. Now Pallavi is very satisfied with her work and works hard to refine her work. When people get to know about them, they get shocked.

The story of Pallavi shows that no work is big or small. It just matters how you see and do that work. If dreams are big and you are working hard, then you can cross every height, no matter your field.