How to move from iPhone to Android in 3 simple steps

How to move from iPhone to Android in 3 simple steps
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Setting up home on a brand-new smartphone should be a quick and effortless process, but also an exciting experience. Yet shifting your contacts, photos, video, music, settings and other statistics to a new cellphone can be fiddly and time-consuming, and the manner is further problematic if you’re additionally shifting from one working device to another. Android and iOS simply don’t play as properly together as they should, and that can imply you’re in for a irritating experience.

A few years in the past the Apple-developed Move to iOS app popped up in the Google Play store, supposedly simplifying the system of transferring from Android to iPhone. But this app hasn’t been up to date in three years, and user reviews allude to a terrible success rate. It’s complicated, buggy, restricted in how a good deal facts it can transfer and requires a robust Wi-Fi connection, which can slow matters down. Worse still, you’ll locate no such free app providing the reverse: how to move to iPhone to Android.

Some smartphone makers have written their very own apps to gain this task, but they are confined in their device compatibility and can be complicated in use. You can also manually replica over all your data from iPhone to Android, however it takes hours to down load statistics from iPhone only to re-upload and reorganise it on Google’s servers, having to deal with each statistics kind independently. More regularly than now not there will be some thing vital that you miss, or some thing that doesn’t transfer in the exact way you’d hoped, and it could properly be too late with the aid of the time you recognise your mistake.

For even the most technical customers moving from one operating device to some other can be a nightmare – and it’s designed to be just that, encouraging you to stick with your modern platform. Don’t let this put you off switching from iPhone to Android, because there is a total new world of Android phones, apps and services out there – and a a lot less difficult answer for making the pass from iOS to Android.

Switch from dr.fone takes the pain out of this transition, working seamlessly in the heritage to make positive the entirety you want is exactly where you choose it, precisely when you want it. Compared with different techniques dr.fone – change is one of the quickest solutions, normally requiring much less than three minutes to switch data, and is well suited with extra than 8,000 iOS and Android devices, whether or now not they are network-locked.

Though we’ve focused basically on moving from iPhone to Android here, dr.fone – swap additionally affords a one-click transition from Android to Android, iOS to iOS and Android to iOS. It helps the modern day variations of these working systems, in a position to switch statistics from all versions up to and such as Android 9 Pie and iOS 12.

Music, images and video are a given, but dr.fone – swap can also switch your contacts (and blacklisted contacts), messages, call records and voicemail, as well as settings and preferences which include your browser bookmarks, calendar appointments, voice memos, alarms, wallpaper, ringtones and notes. You’ll straight away experience right at home on your new phone, with the minimum of fuss in getting there.

Transferring all this records takes place with a single-click, and all you want to get started is a couple of USB cables to connect every cellphone to your computer.

Why use dr.fone – switch

  • Supports extra than 8,000 Android and iOS devices
  • Seamlessly transfers all records types
  • Results are available in a single click
  • Super-fast, with transfers normally complete in underneath three minutes

How to pass from iOS to Android with dr.fone – switch

  • Connect each phones to your pc and launch dr.fone – switch
  • Select the iPhone as the Source and Android phone as the Destination
  • Select all categories and click Start Transfer



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