How to Prepare for UPSC Mains 2020

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How to Prepare for UPSC Mains
The Civil Services examination is carried out by means of the UPSC and it is one of the most difficult exams in the country. The examination is carried out in three stages: Pre, Mains, and Interview. If one has to clear the examination then he/she need to start the guidance with tough work and dedication. Most of the college students start instruction before time.

In this article, I will be giving a few hints on how to put together for the IAS Mains examination. Here is a well-known notion of how candidates can design and prepare for UPSC Mains Examination if they are starting their education a year formerly and have planned for the UPSC Examination. Here are a few more hints that you can comply with to make your instruction greater positive for the examination. This tips are taken from reference of a weblog easyias , a blog which is devoted to on line IAS preparation

How to Prepare for UPSC Mains?
It has been suggested by means of many rank holders that starting a practise yr ago will assist you to cover all the activities and happenings around you. After clearing the Prelims candidates have to face UPSC Mains and after that interview. So every person wishes to clear Mains. Many of the candidates lack this due to the fact of the education and techniques so right here we have recommended some techniques that may help you.

UPSC Main Exam Preparation Strategy
The candidates would possibly be conscious of the reality that the UPSC Mains Exam is a descriptive type of paper. You have to write 150-300 words for every question. Hence, practice for writing the solutions in the exam. This will help you in growing your speed as you’ll be having a limited time for writing the answer. Also, you will get to recognize what exactly you have to write. You can do this by:

  • Regular Test alongside with fabulous preparations
  • Mind Maps- This will help the candidates to hyperlink sub-topics in a topic and recall and be mindful the points easily.

The primary recommendation is whilst making notes from Current Affairs; one ought to try writing 150-300 phrases for every subject so it will be handy for you to write the solutions at some stage in exams.

The Essay Paper in the IAS Examination consists of 2 sections A and B along with the 4 topics. Each section carries a hundred twenty five marks with a whole of 250. One section has a topic of General Quote and some other area is associated to administration. Candidates have to pick a topic from each area and write about 1000-2000 phrases inside three hours

Need to observe tips on Essay Writing:

  • Choose the subject wisely
  • Think about the subject for 30 minutes
  • Write down the Keywords
  • Make a properly structure
  • Don’t be provocative
  • Provide pointers from reforms
  • Conclude

Essay Section has a massive position to play. This paper is all about to understand and determine the persona of a candidate thru which candidates view, ideas, suggestions, value, attitude, aptitude, co-ordination, and verbal exchange are analyzed.

Current Affairs play an necessary role in the examination as most of the questions asked would be of present day events that commonly take place in July, June, and August. Many of the candidates stop analyzing the newspaper at some stage in this time which is a bit essential for Mains. The foremost happenings in the course of the usa and the world are a section of the paper. Sometimes the minor occasions can help you out in UPSC Main Exam.

The Strategy that covers the UPSC Syllabus is the writing practice which many of the candidates do so right here I am pointing out some of them:

  • Revise the Prelims Syllabus and then continue with the Mains syllabus
    As, the UPSC Exam Pattern Changed, each query of the paper has 50 words. If the candidates repeat the query in his or her answer then there won’t be ample space to write your reply appropriately.
  • Make suited notes for every topic, and practice reply writing.
  • A normal man or woman can write a hundred words/5 minutes so you can practice and make it extra environment-friendly which will assist you to improve your brain and velocity up with your writing.


  1. The content is very useful for aspirants who are preparing for UPSC exams. The steps and the tips are quite informative and helpful. It shows how to apply and the things that are required to be done to apply as well as what to study to crack the UPSC exam.


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