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Everyone knows that consuming water is very top for us and all of our body with the aid of this however do you be aware of that if you will now not drink water excellent then you are feasting on many diseases, be aware of why you must now not drink whilst standing Water. According to Ayurveda law, we have to never stand and drink water. Due to this, there can be many diseases interior our body. Let us comprehend what ailments can happen.

  1. kidney disease –

The work of the kidneys is to filter the water from our physique and ship it to the whole body, however if you stand and drink water, that water will now not filter through your kidneys and go into the whole body. Due to which you can get kidney disease and the bladder and blood filth starts offevolved to freeze slowly.

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2.Pet disease

Standing and ingesting water, the water goes down rapidly passing straight thru the food pipe. Due to which the inside wall of the stomach and the surrounding organs are damaged by way of the robust modern of water. This can appear each day because of your digestive power and coronary heart disease.

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3.Problem of knot

When we stand and drink water, the largest trouble that arises from it is the problem of arthritis due to the fact when we stand and drink water, that water spoils the stability of fluid present in the joints. Due to which the hassle of joint ache persists.

Therefore one ought to usually sit and drink sip water.