Is this how Samsung will tame the look of its huge S20 camera module?

Is this how Samsung will tame the look of its huge S20 camera module
The Galaxy S10 5G

For a previous couple of years, we’ve slowly viewed more cameras cropping up on smartphones. From the three on the Huawei P20 Pro and iPhone eleven Pro to the 5 on the Nokia 9 PureView, it’s now not uncommon to see producers come up with new designs to stuff all these lenses in.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 collection has notably a lot leaked in full with an S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra all predicted with quite a number 4G and 5G versions. But this present day info from tech leaker Ishan Agarwal suggests Samsung has a neat trick up its sleeve to take your eye away from the large rectangular graph – through shading it in to make it show up squarer:

Agarwal says the above photograph is the S20 Ultra 5G’s digital camera module complete with Samsung’s new 100x zoom option. By the use of grey shading to isolate the periscope zoom lens, the three other lenses and flash sit in what the eye sees as a squircle.

We were a tad concerned digicam bumps on phones in 2020 would be comically enormous. They still likely will be, however, this is how Samsung is drawing near the problem.


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