Pixel 4 crops up on Geekbench running ‘Android R’

Pixel 4 crops up on Geekbench running ‘Android R’

Android 10 arrived at the tail cease of 2019 as the first Android OS now not to be named after a candy treat. If it were, it would have begun with Q. With that in mind, the folks over at GSMArena have noticed the first public point out of Android 11, aka Android R.

A Google Pixel 4 has surpassed through the Geekbench benchmarking database seemingly walking Android R. While these entries can technically be spoofed, Geekbench outcomes have, in the past, been decent indications of upcoming and unreleased smartphone handsets.

Pixel 4 crops up on Geekbench running ‘Android R’
Image: Geekbench

But even if there is a Pixel 4 out there strolling Android R, that is enormously tons all this gives away. It’s now not unusual for Google to release developer preview betas of Android quite some distance out from the public beta and official release so this ought to be a signal of that.

When it does arrive, likely in September, it will probably be referred to as Android eleven to store confusion and Google onto a course of effortless naming convention. We reviewed Android 10 and observed it an sufficient OS, but it wasn’t exactly an thrilling or modern update.

Much like iOS these days, Android is now so mature that 12 months to 12 months modifications are few and some distance between. It’s less difficult to spot variations through evaluating the unique OEMs’ skins.

When Android 11 does launch on the Pixel 5, Google will be hoping it receives a higher reception than the widely criticised Pixel 4


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